Lesson Rewind Makes Reviewing Your Lessons a Breeze!

Anytime, Anywhere That You Can Connect to the Internet

Review your lessons from home or mobile device

Once the lesson is completed and sent, you will receive a notice in your email. Log into your Student Page from home computer, laptop, phone, or oth

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Connect different file types everywhere

Your lessons will include anything your teacher deems important to insure you understand what is being taught:

  • Written list of what was covered
  • Video demonstration
  • PDF and mp3s
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For Student / Family

As long as the student or parent has internet access, he/she will never miss another lesson. Log in to your personal "Lesson Page" from anywhere you have internet.

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For Teachers

Now you have the power to make sure your students have everytthing they need for successful practice.

No more excuses:

  • I was at grandma's house
  • I lost my lesson plan
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School Admin

Keep track of student progress, send announcements, stay organized.

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Using Lesson Rewind is simple for everyone

Teacher creates an assignment

Attach video, audio, images and links

Notification is sent direct to the family

Families can review their lessons anytime
For Information on Using Lesson Rewind at Your Studio